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Dr. Sunshine

Dr. Sunshine is an online platform that publishes daily news on topics such as healthcare, climate and socially relevant topics such as financial health.

Dr. Sunshine is also asked by municipalities and organizations to organize in-house or outdoor FitFestivals for employees or citizens. During these FitFestivals participants can have their health checked – you can think of checks like ‘Check your Cholesterol’, ‘Check your Blood Pressure’ and for example ‘Check your Stress’.

Join our Fit Festivals!

A FitFestival by Dr. Sunshine is always a party! Together with our selected partners, we provide a complete health check.

But psychological and social health is also discussed. For example, where can you go if you are stressed because of debt? How do you read a leaflet for your medication if you are illiterate?

There is plenty to do and experience at the FitFestivals. We hand out healthy snacks and juices, you can try out the latest gadgets in the field of vitality and we organize short workshops, such as a mini-course in hula hooping or a yoga and meditation session. And how about an active boxing clinic?

During the festival you can also do an extensive health-APK to check how fit and healthy you are.

We offer this health APK in close cooperation with local health service providers, such as a family doctor, midwife, dietician or sports club.

What is a health APK?

Our health APK is actually a mini-health check-up. You can have all kinds of health values measured on the spot, such as your blood pressure, blood sugar, abdominal circumference, cholesterol and weight.

Of course, you get the results right away. Our team, consisting of professional dieticians and nurses, will give you tips on nutrition, sleeping habits, exercise, relaxation and other topics that are important to you – always specifically tailored to the results of your measurements. So you get a complete picture of what is already going well, what might be better and how to improve.

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Who is the fit festival for?

For example, our FitFestivals can be organized as part of a congress or (health) event.

But you can also book a FitFestival as an internal company or school activity. Or for your citizens on a market square or in a church! We always tailor the content (health checks, activities, information) of the festival to the visitors. So a fitness festival can also be easily organized for children, the elderly or other target groups. Of course we work closely with the human resources department, the company or school doctor or other party internally responsible for the well-being of the organization.

The festivals are completely coordinated and built up and dismantled by us. Of course – if desired and relevant – we also take care of the PR and other communications for this event.

Health APK for businesses

A successful business stands or falls with healthy employees. Not only now, but also in the future. Our Health APK can also be scheduled as a one-time or ongoing service. For example, in the form of a six-monthly check-up, at your office or at our location.

We then provide all employees with personal advice and create a digital health file for everyone. You can also link the check-up to offline and online coaching. We can also refer you to a relevant vitality partner.

The advantage of a Health APK for companies? Constant, expert guidance ensures vital(er) and happy employees. This in turn results in increased productivity, less downtime and therefore lower costs. A win-win situation on all fronts!

Your health, our passion

Getting and staying healthy is not a necessary evil but rather a celebration. There are so many ways to work on health in a fun and relaxing way! It is our passion to show you and let you experience that a healthy lifestyle is attainable for everyone.

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Authentic Tradition

Charity Runs

In addition to promoting health and wellness, Dr. Sunshine specializes in organizing Charity Runs that make a positive impact in the community. Our Charity Runs provide an excellent opportunity for conference attendees to come together, show their support, and contribute to noble causes.

From arranging scenic routes to coordinating logistics and providing necessary support, we ensure a seamless and memorable experience for all participants. By partnering with local charities or organizations, we ensure that the proceeds from the run go towards meaningful causes, leaving a lasting impression beyond the event itself.

Charity Run case
Charity Runs

Charity Run case

On October 21st, a Charity Run took place in Het Park near the Euromast for the guests of the ISPAD 2023 Annual Conference.

In the early morning, participants were picked up by bus from De Doelen in Rotterdam, where more than 45 sporty participants gathered in Het Park in Rotterdam to run a 5-kilometer route. Participants could donate an amount to the Children’s Diabetes Fund beforehand. Our role

  • Planning the route through the park
  • Decorating the park in the morning
  • Arranging hostesses to guide the runners
  • Providing various necessities, such as first aid and toilets

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