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18 t/m 21 maart 2024:  Innovation mission UK (London): “medical isotopes and nuclear medicine”

januari 22, 2024

 Are you a professional working as a researcher, entrepreneur, physician, business developer, or policymaker in the Netherlands specializing in nuclear medicine? Are you interested in building connections with British experts, sharing knowledge, and exploring collaboration opportunities? 

Then, join the innovation mission to the United Kingdom. Both the United Kingdom (UK) and the Netherlands are global leaders in the field of nuclear medicine, with a focus on the production of medical isotopes, radiobiology, and dosimetry, in which both countries have a strong research foundation. The expertise from both nations is complementary, so we are bringing together experts from the Netherlands and the UK during this innovation mission. Together with VWS and FAST the visit program is developed. Foreseen delegation leader: Wim Oyen (TBC). 

More information: Innovation mission United Kingdom: medical isotopes and nuclear medicine ( 

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