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oktober 25, 2021


Do you want to learn how to innovate in healthcare? REGISTER now for the D-THINK HEALTH course 3! Healthcare organisations from previous editions are already implementing the learned innovative design thinking tools and are innovating their organisations!

“The D-Think Workshop was an excellent experience. I loved the hands-on exercises and the fantastic team spirit of all participants to tackle problems in healthcare. Very much recommended for everyone who wants to make a positive change in the world!”
– Artur Schmidt – digital innovation manager – Germany

In only two weeks, the D-THINK HEALTH course teaches you Design Thinking tools that are useful in creating innovative solutions to the complex challenges of healthcare. You will be trained by professionals in healthcare design to use innovative design thinking tools to discover, define, develop and deliver innovations in your own professional field.

This time, the course will be given by Tessa Souhoka (Healthcare designer, Productzaken), Anna Birgersdotter (Head of the Unit for Bio-entrepreneurship, Karolinska institutet, Sweden) and Prof. Dr. P. John Clarkson (Professor of Engineering Design, University of Cambridge, United Kingdom)

Course dates: 24, 25 March & 7, 8 April 2022
Location: online

This is your chance to learn how to innovate effectively in healthcare. Register now!

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