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Health-RI, geared up to accelerate

september 10, 2021

Join us at our live meeting at Jaarbeurs Media Plaza in Utrecht to contribute to a national health data infrastructure for research and innovation. 
Save the date: Tuesday, October 5th 2021,

The Dutch cabinet has selected Health-RI’s National Growth Fund proposal for a national health data infrastructure. Now, Health-RI is making preparations to quickly take the necessary steps forward. 
Our journey along the Growth Fund trajectory will start on Tuesday October 5th at the Health-RI Accelerator meeting in Utrecht. We cordially invite you to join us! 

In the morning, we will festively kick-off with all parties involved and with a prominent speaker. In the afternoon we will discuss the goals for the next two years in specialist workshops. Together we will define the actions necessary to realize a national health data infrastructure. Who can do what, and how? 
Of course, we’ll make sure there’s plenty of time to celebrate our next step together.

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