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The foremost life sciences business network event in the Netherlands

september 10, 2021

The Netherlands is home to 2,900 innovative Life Sciences businesses, including 420 biopharmaceutical companies, and the European Medicines Agency, making it one of the most concentrated Life Sciences and Health clusters in the world. About 770 clinical trials are currently active in the Netherlands and the country boasts a competitive international business climate which is reflected by its status as the sixth-largest EU economy, a major global exporter and importer of goods and a Forbes ranking as the third best country for doing business. Together with a very strong scientific background it makes the Dutch industry a major European player with great economic- and societal impact. The Dutch Life Sciences conference is hosted by organisations and companies whose mission is to help realize the further development and growth of the Dutch life sciences industry.

The 17th edition of the Dutch Life Sciences conference will take place on November 25th, 2021 and will be about Breaking barriers for our future. The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the world in many ways. The life sciences sector arranged next-generation scientific advances and broke barriers to fight back against this disease. Which of the positive side effects should we try to foster and which barriers need to be broken to be ready for our future.

The conference inspires and promote an open exchange of information including trends and developments in the industry.

Check out the programme for all the topics that will be addressed. In addition the winner of the Venture Challenge Award will be announced.

Advisory committee 2021

– Edwin van den Bos, CCO Progress-PME
– Carine van den Brink, Partner Axon Lawyers
– Brigitte Drees, CEO Pivot Park and Pivot Park Screening Centre
– Ida Haisma, Director Leiden Bio Science Park
– Frits Michiels, Partner V.O.
– Leon Mur, Director Iventus
– Jannica Swieringa, Communications Advisor Health~Holland
– Jeroen Verhoeven, Project Engineer Life Sciences at Quality by Design